"Techncolagy" Project Website

Web Design/Front-end Development/HTML5/Dimensions Variable


Under the umbrella of the curricular theme Technology, this group project is a part of serial explorations of the intersection of design and technology. The project title "Techncolagy" is a compound word consisting of technology and bricolage, a term introduced by cultural anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss meaning construction or creation from a diverse range of available things. This project exaggerates relational design, and experiments with generative processes and performative experiences to develop content. In this project, each person takes an essay chosen from another person’s thesis bibliography, and designs an event as a probe to communicate the essence of the essay, as well as to create design opportunities. The project embraces improvisational and situationally-based approaches.

The "Techncolagy" project website has two objectives. 1) It conveys the project statement and idea to the public through interactive media by letting the audience to interact with the "Techncolagy" statement and experience the methodologies of the generative and performative process. 2) Serve as a digital archive of the project, including the file of the print publication, and an online appendix of the digital documentation of all the experiential events in the project.

As member of the project, I participated in the concept ideation, hosted one of the project event "Generation Gap" and wrote a chapter of the publication. As the digital designer I also in charge of design and program the project website.

Project Team
Emilia Aragon
Jacqueline Anerella
Arin Beitz
Xinyi Li
Nicole Salamone
Moein Shashaei
Michael Zibin Yuan


The "Techncolagy" interactive statement: The statement doesn't have a  tangible arrangement of words. As a construction from a range of words, it communicates a unified message; and also generates diverse literal meanings through the different assemblages of language. When users click on a word, the order of the paragraph will be restructured, but the meaning of the paragraph and the exact word to make up the paragraph remain the same.

Website Demo