Michael Zibin Yuan is a New York City-based Communication + Interactive Designer who has 7+ experience in Interactive Media, Print Design, and Digital Advertising. Due to his interdisciplinary background and various work experiences in digital media, his works experiment the intangible form “Interface”; which he defined as the reflection point of ambiguities and divergences from interchanges between various communication mediums such as digital, interactive, physical, and motion picture. He also interests in studying the political modality of design and analyze its power dynamic. Which lead him proposed the idea  “Visual Politician.” Please find his research and arguments in the M.F.A Thesis bookBA Thesis ProjectDesign Rush interview and this random poster. 


Michael currently works at Advertising Design and User Experience team at Amazon, where he engaged in creative ideation, visual research and design executions for ad campaigns of major advertisers on Amazon Advertising platform. He obtains Master of Fine Arts Degree with Communication Design from Pratt Institute, and Bachelor of Arts Degree with Digital Media from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is also the Cofounder and Art Director of Chinese Artist and Designer Society of New York City

For inquiries, please contact via email, Zibinyuan.interactive@gmail.com, or through LinkedInBehance and Instagram

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